Chelsea Girl, Kings Road, London SW1,  1971

David Wisdom : London Belongs To Me 1971

May 20, 2016

We are pleased to feature an exhibition of street photography by David Wisdom. The exhibition will include a selection of ephemera and materials. 

Artist statement : "Every day I took my camera. Despite my affinity for the late-psychedelic hipster period, I was more entranced by the continued existence, both architectural and human, of a London that stretched back in time before The Beatles, before The Wars, back to the slophouses of Dickens, back to the slatterns and toffs of William Hogarth and back to the Romans.

Despite the apparent creative upsurge in Britain during the late sixties, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of money about.

Unemployment was high and wages low. Ruins of every age of London’s existence were apparent, at least they were to me.

I remember how I stood, how I felt, when I took the pictures in this exhibition. One reason I remember that feeling so well is that I took relatively few pictures, given the expense of film and processing. But the main reason these pictures are some of my favorites is because when I took them I realized I was figuring out how to see, how to observe and how to remember.

They are pictures I took before I immersed myself in the street photography of Robert Frank and Walker Evans and the photography of humans by Edward Weston and Cecil Beaton.

The pictures in this exhibition recall for me a time when I felt exhilarated by a city and a time that belonged to me."