Gordon Trick

Artist statement

I was born, raised and educated on the Canadian prairies, a range of landscapes, horizons, spaces and colours which I still consider to be visually and spiritually fundamental to my work, even though I’ve been working and teaching on the west coast for the past 25 years. Having spent approximately both halves of my working life more or less equally on either side of the Continental Divide, my work tends to contain allusions to the divisions, isolations, boundaries and edges that underlie not just our country and continent, but similar elements within geographical and cultural sources elsewhere that have contributed to the unlikely creation that John Ralston Saul calls “A Fair Country”.  In an age of instant and overwhelming amounts of information, I prefer to explore my particular moment in the human experiment at a walking pace. The multiple layers of observation, collection and organization of imagery that result are ideally suited to printmaking and drawing processes. Additional information about my working methods and about individual pieces can be found at http://coconutmonkeypress2.blogspot.ca/